Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Season


People always say that they don't know what time it is in their life.  Well I came to tell you as we continue to go through these trying times of recovery it is our New Season and a new day.

When you feel the fresh anointing falling from the heavens continue to stand in your New Season and new day.  The Lord is ready to bring you into your New Season of power and prosperity only if you allow him to walk you into that position.

The devils time is up no longer would we allow him to take us back to the past we once lived.  So today as we stand firm as one body in Christ we claim the victory over all and keep our head above the clouds in our New Season of power and prosperity.  We will not let and allow the devil to distract us from doing the works of the Lord.

No matter what the situation we go through just remember that we bind the devils actions on our lives and continue to take our recovery to the next level.  Don't give into the devils workshop but always keep our minds, hearts, and souls on the prize.  That prize that I am talking about is JESUS CHRIST our SAVIOR.

God has control over our destiny.  He would not leave us nor forsake us.  He will not cast us into the sea of condemnation of our souls.

When you find yourself falling back down into your addiction always remember that you can defeat that curse by praising the Lord through that foul ground.  This is your Season of Change.

God bless you all my brothers and sisters in Christ that is going through these times of recovery.  I am asking you all to continue to stand in the victory that God have given you over the addiction that he is delivering you from.  Remember this is your Season of power and prosperity just don't stay in the devils workshop and slip back into that trap that we call addictions.


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